A new chapter is starting in my life... but I have no idea yet what it will be called, though perhaps this is always the case unless one is blessed with uncommon prescience or cursed with absolute predictability in life. I will be travelling to Latin America (via San Fran) and then back 'home' to Southeast Asia (via Dubai) over the course of 5-6 months. I hope to share (some of) my stories with you as they unfold.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Tengo un nuevo hobby - ir de compras para trajes y abrigos. Hoi An es un pueblo muy lindo que lleno con satrerías expertas para hacer ropa de etiqueta a precios bajos. Hay decenas de sastrerías aquí, por todas las calles y en el mercado, cada una con una copia obligatoria del "Next Directory" y muchas revistas de moda. Sus diseños no son los más últimos o sofisticados, especialmente para hombres, pero la calidad de confeccionar parece ser alta y es difícil quejarse ya que se puede tener un buen traje de lana hecho a medida sólo por US$60-$70!

I have a new hobby - shopping for suits and coats. Hoi An is a charming little town that is full of tailors skilled at making formal clothing at low prices. There are scores of tailors here, on every street and in the market, each with an obligatory copy of the "Next Directory" (bizarrely) and loads of fashion mags. Their designs might not be the latest or the most sophisticated, especially for men, but the quality of tailoring appears to be high and it really is quite hard to complain when a decent tailor-made wool suit can be had for just US$60-$70!

Christian being measured (read: molested) by the "flamboyant Mr Xe" (as accurately described in the Rough Guide).


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